Q1-1 1/2-02-MS50FT

2:1 General Purpose, Non-Flame Retardant Thin Wall Heat Shrink Tubing


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General Purpose, Non-Flame Retardant Polyolefin Tubing

2:1 Shrink Ratio

Commercial grade polyolefin tubing for general applications where flame retardant properties are not needed but electrical insulation and mechanical performance is important. Conforms to objects more uniformly and with less longitudinal change than most PVC based tubing. Bright and shiny surface is an attractive covering for many automotive, appliance and consumer-goods applications. Clear version offers exceptional clarity for protecting marked surfaces.

Operating temperature: -55°C to +105°C
Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C
Full recovery temperature: 100°C
Standard colors: Black, clear
Other colors are available upon request
RoHS Compliant



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December 2, 2023

Certificate of RoHS Compliance

Qualtek Electronics certifies the following part number Q1-1 1/2-02-MS50FT is RoHS Compliant 2011/65/EU Ammended to 2015/863/EU

Certificate of REACH Compliance

We, Qualtek Electronics Corporation, declare that the following part number Q1-1 1/2-02-MS50FT does not contain any SVHC substances listed in ECHA’s website: http://echa.europa.eu/chem_data/authorisation_process/candidate_list_table_en.asp of June 2023 in concentrations greater than 0.1% (w/w), and does not contain any substances as described in Annex XVII.


Qualtek Electronics Corporation products do not contain any chemicals considered PoP, Persistent Organic Pollutants, Directive (EU) 2019/1021.

EU Biocides

Qualtek Electronics Corporation certifies that bicoides are not used in products or packaging materials and meet the requirements set by the Biocidal Regulation (BPR) EU 528/2012.

California Proposition 65 Information Can be found at:

Prop 65 Statement

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